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Before I started writing this post I was sourcing murder scene images and oh boy – I wish I hadn’t.

When you write murder mystery fiction you want it to be real, hard and gritty.  NOT – “he gently placed the cushion on her face and rested his weight upon it” –

I personally have never even seen a crime scene of any description and although I have an imagination that would shock you, looking at said images and following the links to the stories is disturbing.  As is much of my research.

In The Lavender Field, the targets are children and in the real world the young are not spared from gruesome atrocities – are they?

But how far is far enough?

Obviously I don’t want to reveal the methods my killer is using before the book is published but reading back over some of it I am starting to wonder if parts of it are just too much.

I know, and so do you, that Detective Inspector Victoria MacPherson is a figment of my overworked brain but the motivation that carries her forward is a reality for some people.

And. I really do not know how it is possible to show respect for their losses and suffering and write the book I have written.


Anyway enough of that or I will delete the whole thing.

If you write crime, particularly murder then please do hook up with me because I so need a sounding board and despite searching I have found very few blogs dedicated to the topic.

For the sake of our sanity – basic crime scene images – From Google.