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Oh lots and lots – But I haven’t written a productive word for my WIP’s – Have you?

I explored on REDDIT and STUMBLEUPON – (not got a clue what I am doing on either of them) and I tried to solve murder thingies on a new FB Group – Crime Lovers – run by, yes you guessed it, Crime Writer SUE COLETTA – excellent.

Also high on my list of wonderful peeps is ALLY ATHERTON and his FB Group – WRITERS SOAPBOX – Spending way too much time there as well.

It may sound simple to all of you but I have to learn to make a PDF – and revise my formatting techniques ..  took me ages the first time.

Anyway.  I am just stopping by because electric is going off – the chain saw massacre boys are here to cut the trees down.

Had to walk the dogs and drink a lot of coffee today.