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I am guessing we all have those times when our brains just decide they have no information, regarding our current characters, to send to our fingers.

Luckily it doesn’t happen to me an awful lot but when it does I either look around for a flash fiction blog, or go to an image site and look for some inspiration.

With that in mind I have added a page to share some of my VERY SHORT FICTION.

As it happens I love the challenge of writing to a word count and really must do it more often.

This is one of my all time favourites:



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In the house on the hill, lives a man with a dream.”

My Granddaddy you mean?”

Yes. Do you want to know what he dreams?

He dreams that he had never build that monstrosity. That he had his family back and that he hadn’t pushed his wife to the very edge.”

But Grandma was a bad woman. Wasn’t she? You told me she killed everyone and then they killed her. In an electric chair.”

She did, but she wasn’t a bad woman. Granddaddy drove her crazy with his plans. She thought it was a waste of money.”

Well really it was because now it sits empty and your Daddy is alone. Was she mad when she killed us Mummy?”

No. She was just too sad. It was too much for her.”

Mummy shall we go visit Granddaddy and make his dreams come true?”

Yes let’s. Some of them at least.”