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Before I started writing this post I was sourcing murder scene images and oh boy – I wish I hadn’t.

When you write murder mystery fiction you want it to be real, hard and gritty.  NOT – “he gently placed the cushion on her face and rested his weight upon it” –

I personally have never even seen a crime scene of any description and although I have an imagination that would shock you, looking at said images and following the links to the stories is disturbing.  As is much of my research.

In The Lavender Field, the targets are children and in the real world the young are not spared from gruesome atrocities – are they?

But how far is far enough?

Obviously I don’t want to reveal the methods my killer is using before the book is published but reading back over some of it I am starting to wonder if parts of it are just too much.

I know, and so do you, that Detective Inspector Victoria MacPherson is a figment of my overworked brain but the motivation that carries her forward is a reality for some people.

And. I really do not know how it is possible to show respect for their losses and suffering and write the book I have written.


Anyway enough of that or I will delete the whole thing.

If you write crime, particularly murder then please do hook up with me because I so need a sounding board and despite searching I have found very few blogs dedicated to the topic.

For the sake of our sanity – basic crime scene images – From Google.


And What Did You Do Today?


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Oh lots and lots – But I haven’t written a productive word for my WIP’s – Have you?

I explored on REDDIT and STUMBLEUPON – (not got a clue what I am doing on either of them) and I tried to solve murder thingies on a new FB Group – Crime Lovers – run by, yes you guessed it, Crime Writer SUE COLETTA – excellent.

Also high on my list of wonderful peeps is ALLY ATHERTON and his FB Group – WRITERS SOAPBOX – Spending way too much time there as well.

It may sound simple to all of you but I have to learn to make a PDF – and revise my formatting techniques ..  took me ages the first time.

Anyway.  I am just stopping by because electric is going off – the chain saw massacre boys are here to cut the trees down.

Had to walk the dogs and drink a lot of coffee today.

Brand Building on Social Media

One of the most invaluable posts I have so far found.
Excellent advice in easy to understand instruction for a new writer (or anything else.)

Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

I have received so much great advice about building a brand on social media that I thought I’d share some of the tips with you. For those of you who don’t know– you are the brand. Not the title of your book. Not your favorite catch phrase. You.

This is a common mistake among authors. They think the title of their book is their brand. It isn’t. Your book is the product. Your name is the brand.

Okay, now that we know what we need to promote let’s continue.

No one can use all of social media and be good at it. The first thing you need to do is to decide which site(s) you want to get proficient in and then really engage. I’ll talk more about engaging later.

brand community

The best sites to drive traffic to your blog are:


Contrary to what some believe Twitter is not only…

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When Your Muse Leaves The Building


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I am guessing we all have those times when our brains just decide they have no information, regarding our current characters, to send to our fingers.

Luckily it doesn’t happen to me an awful lot but when it does I either look around for a flash fiction blog, or go to an image site and look for some inspiration.

With that in mind I have added a page to share some of my VERY SHORT FICTION.

As it happens I love the challenge of writing to a word count and really must do it more often.

This is one of my all time favourites:



images (2)

In the house on the hill, lives a man with a dream.”

My Granddaddy you mean?”

Yes. Do you want to know what he dreams?

He dreams that he had never build that monstrosity. That he had his family back and that he hadn’t pushed his wife to the very edge.”

But Grandma was a bad woman. Wasn’t she? You told me she killed everyone and then they killed her. In an electric chair.”

She did, but she wasn’t a bad woman. Granddaddy drove her crazy with his plans. She thought it was a waste of money.”

Well really it was because now it sits empty and your Daddy is alone. Was she mad when she killed us Mummy?”

No. She was just too sad. It was too much for her.”

Mummy shall we go visit Granddaddy and make his dreams come true?”

Yes let’s. Some of them at least.”

The Road To Hell – Social Media


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Now I know I mentioned earlier (were you paying attention?) – that I am new to Social Media and the one thing I did not want to do was jump in and get myself hooked up to people and places that weren’t relevant to me.

So how is it going so far?

Very slowly to be honest but I have recently signed up to TRIBERR and am happy to report that there are some awesome discoveries to be made on this platform.

As I share the posts I check out the blogs and then follow on TWITTER if there is a link, and mostly the follow is returned.

Now FACEBOOK is another kettle of fish entirely.  I joined a few groups and liked a couple of pages but as of yet I am not friends with anyone, mostly because the whole place seems riddled with promotion and although I appreciate the importance of that (why else am I doing this?)

Seeing the same thing in every group, ten times a day, does not float my boat.

Of course it is possible that I have not found the most beneficial groups as of yet.

Me?  I am a cozy corner type of person and I want to interact, share and support others, even better if they feel the same.

So even though I have only hooked up with a few people, they are awesome people who don’t blow their own trumpets the entire time and share information that is invaluable to someone in my situation.

(I am aiming to do a post soon and give a shout out to these folk.)

It may not surprise you to know that I have an awful lot to learn.  So I wrote a book and a lot of short stories – but to me that was/is the easy part.

I am not ashamed to admit to knowing almost nothing about the technicalities of blogging to gain an audience, or reaching the right people.

But buckle up folks because I am here to learn and someday soon I may be pecking at your head for answers.

Kim xx

I Know Nothing


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So I just wanted to say hello to the world in general and kick-start this blog.

I am new to all things social media and invite you to join me at any of the links listed at the bottom of the CHAT WITH ME page.

It’s just three days now since I dipped my toe after a lot of nagging from those who know about these things. (I know nothing – so I have to take their advice.)


My debut novel – THE LAVENDER FIELD – is due for release at the beginning of August this year and I often wonder if I had known before I started writing it the rigmarole involved once the story is written – would I have started it in the first place?

Probably yes because lost children cried out to me while I slept and their stories needed to be told.

The Lavender Field is of course fiction, but the circumstances that occur in the story are far from rare in this day and age.  Or any other come to that.

It’s commonplace to have a troubled Detective in books of this nature but DI Victoria MacPherson finds herself in over her head because of her past.

Anyway.  I really do hope you will join me on this journey.

I also write Short/Flash Fiction which I will be sharing from time to time and lots of writerly advice that I have picked up along the way.

nb:  spell checker not working right now so any errors are mine all mine.

The Lavender Field


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A Lavender field is a place of beauty.

On a warm September morning, a woman walks her dogs and breathes in the intoxicating fragrance.

Within three minutes the world crashes in around her when she discovers the remains of a small boy.

She knows the child is Luca Andrews.  He has been missing from the village for a month, assumed kidnapped by his own father.

For Detective Inspector Victoria MacPherson the case she prayed she would never have to investigate has arrived.